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Platinum Lightning Platinum lighting is a game that comes in HD 5 and has 25 playing slots. Platinum lighting theme is based on ancient Greek mythology and has some many engaging features that will keep you glued to the screen. Practical features include: scatters which increase for every bet won, wild symbols, bonuses, spins which are free, and several gambling round Rule of play The aim of this game is to get the right combination display on the play line, after spinning the reels. Placing a bet To select a number of playlines, use the “+” or “-“symbol located on the bottom of the line field, to activate the playline indicator. You will find the number of selected line on the line field. Clicking the “+” button increases the number of activated playline, while clicking the “-“button does the opposite. Each line that has been activated will be highlighted on the screen. Once the maximum number of activated line has been reached, the “+” will fade out. Other than using the “+” and “-“buttons to add or reduce activated lines, you can also use the buttons with colored numbers on them to activate paylines. Clicking on button 4 will activate four playlines which starts from 1 and ends at 4. • “+” and “-“buttons can also be used in activating bet per line value. Each bet per line value activated will be displayed on the screen • Spinning of the reels can be activated by clicking on the spin button • Bet Max button is used in activating all the playlines that maximum bet value on them. It also sets the reels into automatic spinning once it is clicked. All the bet you have placed will be shown on Total bet field. Your total bet is obtained by multiplying the bet per line, by number of bet lines selected. • Use Autospin button to activate automatic spinning. It also allows you choose the number of times you wish to Auto spin. • To repeat any spin, click on the start button. In autospins, the number of selected bet values is constant, and will remain the same in the next round. Spin results To win a bet, the right combination will be displayed on the payline. The winning value will be shown on the Win in form of animation. Here are some points to note concerning winnings: • Similar wins for every activated payline is computed • Payouts are made starting on the left to the right of each successive reel shown on the payline. • Winning pays are issued out based on pay timetable • With the exception of scatters, wins are computed by multiplying bet per line value by payline • Of all the wins you got, pay will only be issued out on your highest winning • Which to know your payout? Then click on Paytable button. You can always return back to the game by clicking on the Back button. Bonuses • Zeus Lighting: On the payline, a combination of 3, 4 and 5 scatters yields Zeus lighting. Its true value is obtained by multiplying the total bet by 7, 77, 777 in that order • Ancient Ship: Ancient ship is a wild symbol that can be used in place of other symbols (with the exception of scatter) in getting a winning combination. Payline wins for combinations formed with the help of 3, 4 and 5 Wild symbols are multiplied by line bets x 77, 777 and 7777 in that order • Minotaur: This is a bonus which triggers free spins. Two of these bonuses amount to one reel, while 5 amounts to 10 free spins. Reel 1 and 5 contains wild symbols which are locked during a free spin Gambling round You must have earned some winnings before gambling option will be made available to you. To initiate gambling option, click on the Gamble button which can be found close to the spin button. To make winnings in Gambling round, your task it to guess the right color of decks of playing cards all laid face down. Here are some points to note • Each win you make will be used when playing gambling round • Options from which you can choose from are red, black, clubs, spades, hearts or diamond • For each color guessed right, your stake is multiplied by two. If you guess the entire suit of card right, your total stake is multiplied by 4 • You are free to walk away with your winnings, or re-stake it again. The maximum number of stacking allotted to a player is 5. You can always return back to the game by clicking the Back button. • Once you get a guess wrong, gambling round will stop, and you will be returned back to the game menu. • The game will reset itself if something should go wrong with the system

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  Online casinos are online versions of traditional casinos offering gamblers many games to play over the internet. On it, you can play many slots too, just online which is way more considered towards the player as receiving money on the fact on the winning of the games is just a breeze - fast and Convenient and without any cash involving struggle.. Odds and payback percentages offered by online casinos are a bit higher than physical casinos which makes us the ultimate choice over the land based casinos. It emerged some decades ago. However, playing for real money has become popular in the last ten years only. Keeping pace with the increasing demand, the number of casinos online has increased significantly. On these, you usually have the best online casino games to play.  

Where to play online casino? is the right the place to play for sure. It offers you many unique benefits and all amenities of traditional gambling. We are known worldwide as the best portal for offering many slot games and high bonuses. Our cost-efficient, interactive and profitable slots have been designed to ensure real gaming bliss. On our website, you are sure to have the pleasure of physical play with no chance of disturbing you by your co-players and attendants at the time of playing the very best casino games that you would enjoy in land based entities. You can get updates and chat with our help system and interact with other co-players that are playing online if you wish so.  

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  The best gaming online is considered to be Slot Machine Games and the list of most payout gaming categories that you will be able to find below (divided by the game type) will prove it to you - that slot gaming is the best:
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  There are many casinos offering various bonuses to their gamblers, depending on their locations, performance and involvement. Some online casinos offer bonuses as soon as you sign up to their websites. They call it as "sign-up" or "welcome bonus" that every and each of the new players are entitled to. We believe that the best source need to welcome the players with "top notch" bonuses that are very beneficial for all players. As a reputable online games host, CASINO TOKEN welcomes new players with high sign-up bonuses and follow up promotions that are the best in the industry! Feel free to enjoy them fully! Besides, we are ready and willing to provide you with some added benefits in the course of time - we appreciating the loyalty very much. What is the point of the Bonuses - you might ask? Bonuses are a form of communication with a new and existing/loyal player. Of course, any bonus invites a cost in order to return the value and usually player need to update, top up or "deposit" funds in to his account in order to cash out the winnings. It needs to be done for several times - especially - if your win happened from the use of the Free Spins, Promotional Money or Free Bonus Money.  
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  Playing online slots on CasinoToken is a cakewalk for all. Are you ready to play the best online casino themed slots, fruit slots or 3d Slots? If yes, get registered with CASINO-TOKEN and follow the simple instructions Right Now! To play slot games well, you need to know how slot-machines work. You can practise before your real play and select slot machines with higher payout percentage, more bonuses and highest freespins. To perform well, you should know your limit and then of course - you need to enjoy your game. To play slot games on Casino Token, you do not need to install any specific software. You can get an access of all free games (in case you don't want to challenge yourself with real money play) without the registration but, as soon as you register on our website - all money games are enabled for your convenience.  
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  In order to play online casino games, you simply need to visit any website offering them. Preferably, you have already chosen us - Casino Token :) You can play here for free or you can choose to play with real money. For beginning choosing a free game option is always advisable as you can practise and design your play strategy well. At the time of choosing any particular game, you must decide which bonuses will suit you best and ensure benefit for you the most. The best practises of how to play online casino games are here:
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Why play in Because, CASINO TOKEN will match a great amount of money as soon as you sign up into the real play as a Welcome Bonus! You definitely can play well on it and sure thing, you will be able to win a significant amount of cash. Then, you will be able to use the winnings and hit the slots hard in order to use all bonuses. And always remember - Your play and stay in our website is always safe and secure!  
How to win online casino slots?
  This is the most important question. Many gamblers and game fans are highly interested in knowing this million-dollar question! Given below are some important tips on how to win slot machine games:
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